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Dry-running protection system

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Specifications overview
  • Protects your pump from running dry
  • Easy to screw on the pump outlet
  • Intake and outlet size: 1"
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Not all garden, boost, and borehole pumps come already equipped with a built-in dry-running protection system. For that reason, this system was developed, and can easily be mounted to the pump. The system ensures that your pump switches off automatically as soon as the water source no longer supplies water, so that the pump does not sustain damage due to running dry.

Installation of the system

First, the system needs to be screwed on the pump outlet, and, thanks to the 1" screw size, it is compatible with most regular pumps. The dry-running protection system is equipped with a socket outlet and a plug. Simply put the pump's plug into the socket outlet of the dry-running protection system. Next, plug the system into a socket that is connected to the mains current. As soon as the pump is switched on, the dry-running protection system will begin to measure continually whether water is running through the system. If it is not, the system will cut the power supply to the pump, so that it switches off. In that case, the red light on the system will light up, after which the system can be restarted with a manual reset (by pressing the button).

General information

Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 4011458309153

Physical specifications

Delivery diameter Inlet and outlet size: 1"
Material Synthetic (technopolymer)
Weight 0,5 kg

Technical information


Pump type Accessories
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