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Expansion vessel / pressure vessel

If you want to replace your expansion vessel or are looking for one for your pump, is the go-to place for models in different sizes and for installation options.

Expansion vessel to increase pressure

An expansion vessel or pressure vessel for a pressure-booster pump is used to store a certain water reserve that can be used without needing to switch on the pump. In addition to saving energy, the system runs much more quietly.

The expansion vessel's membrane consists of two parts that are connected by means of a special fixing ring. This ensures that the water in the device comes into contact only with stainless steel, which is important for the quality of the drinking water.

Expansion vessel for central heating systems

At some point, the well-known separate vessels in or next to a central heating boiler may break down, as a result of which the boiler stops working optimally. An 18-litre expansion vessel is the most commonly used model for a central heating system. If the expansion vessel is defective, this will be obvious from the pressure shown on your central heating system. Pressure is usually shown by means of a pressure gauge that is installed close to the expansion vessel. Generally, the pressure on your central heating system will be 1.5 to 2 bar. When it is lower than 1.5 bar, it is very likely that the expansion vessel is broken.

Replacing an expansion vessel is very simple. You can easily do it yourself, and thereby save the cost of calling in a fitter.

Accessories for an expansion vessel

It should be possible to connect a pressure-boosting expansion vessel to a pump / pump system. If it involves replacement, just an expansion vessel is usually sufficient. However, if more items need to be replaced, or if you create a new system, you may want to use a connecting kit, a pressure gauge, and a pressure switch. These accessories can be found in this category.