Increasing pressure

Expansion vessel / pressure vessel for a pressure-boosting system

An expansion vessel for a pressure-boosting system - such as a booster pump - is used to store a certain water reserve that can be used without needing to switch on the pump. In addition to saving energy, the system runs much more quietly.

The expansion vessel is equipped with an internal rubber membrane that is put under pressure by means of a vessel. It is set by default on 1.9 bar, which is the correct pressure for almost every situation. If your pressure-boosting system stops functioning properly, and you feel the pressure valve may be the problem, you can test whether it is defective. If you place a pressure gauge onto the valve and it indicates a pressure considerably lower than 1.9 bar and/or water comes with it, this means the pressure valve is defective and needs to be replaced. This will not be noticeable from the outside, because the water is and remains situated in a closed environment. When an expansion vessel 'leaks', this indicates the inner rubber membrane is defective, as a result of which there is no more pressure in the vessel, and your pressure-boosting system has stopped working the way it should.

Our pressure-boosting expansion vessels are suitable, among others, for:

  • Increasing pressure
  • Irrigation
  • Various cold-water and hot-water systems