Non-return valve 1"

    Ensures the water flows in one direction.

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    Non-return valve 1"
    Expected as of 04-07-2022
    Specifications overview
    • Size 1: 1" female thread
    • Size 2: 1" female thread
    • Ideal for self-priming pumps in combination with a groundwater well
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    Product description

    The spring-loaded non-return valve ensure that once water has passed through it cannot flow back due to the internal diaphragm closing.

    Generally, if it is not possible to use a suction hose with a suction strainer, the non-return valve is mounted to the suction connection of a self-priming pump (for example, a garden pump / booster pump). In that case, the valve stops the drawn-in water from flowing back to the source. In this set-up, the way it works can be compared to drinking from a glass with a straw, when you suck water through a straw and then place your finger over the end of the straw it holds the water in place.

    Both sides of the non-return valve have a 1" screw connection fitted with a female thread.

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    General information

    Warranty2 year warranty
    Manufacturer codeDG138

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