Rain Bird 3504 PC Pop-Up Turbine Sprinkler 10 cm

For small to medium-sized lawns, supplied with a nozzle tree and key

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Rain Bird 3504 PC Pop-Up Turbine Sprinkler 10 cm
Specifications overview
  • Water consumption: 120 to 1,040 l/h
  • Spray radius adjustable from 4.6 to 10.7 metres (Ø 21.4 m)
  • Pop-up height: 10 cm
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Product description

The Rain Bird 3504 PC sprinkler has a rotor, with a pop-up height of 10 cm. Its spray radius ranges from 4.6 to 10.7 metres, making it suitable for small to medium-sized lawns, and it can irrigate an area of 9.2 to 21.4 metres in diameter. The sprinkler comes with six Rain Curtain™ nozzles  that you can change to generate the desired spray radius.

The device is supplied with a key to assemble the nozzle and to set the sprinkler, as well as with a manual that explains how it is best set in your situation. Furthermore, this model sprinkler is perfect for use with a water pump.


Screw connection: ½" (female thread)

Contents of the kit

  • Rain Bird 3504 PC Pop-Up Turbine sprinkler
  • Nozzle tree with Rain Curtain™ nozzles
  • Key (tool) for assembling the nozzle and setting the sprinkler
  • Manual

If you opt for the PROMO deal, you will also receive the appropriate coupling pieces to connect it to a 25mm LDPE tube.

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