Hose socket brass 25 mm (1" male thread)

For hoses with an inner diameter of about 25 mm

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Hose socket brass 25 mm (1" male thread)
Specifications overview
  • Screw thread size: 1" male thread
  • Hose socket size: 25 mm
  • Material: Brass
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Pros and cons
  • Solid transition from pump to hose
  • For hoses without a screw thread connection
  • Ideal to go from the pump directly to the 25 mm hose
Product description

Hose sockets have been designed to easily connect a hose to a water pump. One side of the hose socket can be screwed into the pump and the hose can be fitted over the other end of it; however, it still needs to be secured with a hose clamp.

In choosing the right hose socket, please take the following details into account:

  • Screw thread size: should match the size of the screw connection in which you want to screw the hose socket.
  • Screw connection: Male thread fits on female thread.
  • Hose socket size: The hose socket size indicates how big the inner diameter of the hose in which it is inserted should be. With a 25mm hose socket size, you can secure a hose with an inner diameter of about 25 mm.
  • The hose can be secured on the socket with a hose clamp, which needs to be ordered separately.
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