DAB Fekabox 110

Starter model lifting station for a complete house or for outdoor use.

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Expected as of 02-11-2021
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Tip by Stephen

To stop the pumped water from flowing back, you are advised to order a non-return valve with it.

DAB Fekabox 110
Expected as of 02-11-2021
Specifications overview
  • Content 110 litres
  • Dimensions: l x w x h (mm): 620 x 390 x 650
  • Suitable for domestic wastewater / rainwater
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Pros and cons
  • More than sufficient to connect an entire house or a cellar
  • Fitted with all the required piping
  • Choose your own Fekabox set
  • If you want to install the Fekabox underground, it should be covered with a casing or skeleton framework.
Product description

The DAB Fekabox 110 is a tank for collecting wastewater, such as toilet water, dishwashing or cleaning water, shower water and rainwater. This model has a capacity of 110 litres and is fitted with all the required piping. With the pump that should be fitted within the Fekabox, wastewater can be discharged automatically to the sewage system. The following pumps are suitable for the DAB Fekabox 110:

  • DAB Feka 600 M-A
  • DAB Feka VS 550 M-A
  • DAB Feka VS 750 M-A

The Fekabox is made of synthetic material and is gas and odour free. The tank is equipped with:

  • three 2" (50 mm) or 4.5” (110 mm) inflow connections. These connections can easily be cut to the required size, and are situated on the side and the back of the tank.
  • one 2" (50 mm) outlet channel (including internal connections from the pump to the outlet on the back of the tank)
  • one cable bushing (for the pump's plug on the top side)
  • possibility of fitting a 2” (50mm) venting duct on the top side
  • possibility of fitting an emergency outlet at the bottom on the back of the tank

More than sufficient to connect an entire house or a cellar.

Contents of the kit

  • DAB Fekabox 110
  • Coupling and connecting pieces
  • Manual
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General information

Product package - DAB Fekabox 110
- Coupling and connecting pieces
- Manual
Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 8059893072979

Physical specifications

Material Technopolymer
Weight 8,5 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) L 62 x B 39 x H 65 cm

Technical information

Max. temperature of liquid 0°C - 50°C


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