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An automatic submersible pump suitable for draining dirty water with solids up to 25mm.

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Specifications overview
  • Max. pump capacity 15,000 l/h
  • Max. delivery head 9 m
  • Solid particles 25 mm
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Tip by Stephen
The DAB Feka pump is extremely durable and reliable. Opt for this pump in the event of frequent, long-term and heavy work.
Specifications overview
  • Max. pump capacity 15,000 l/h
  • Max. delivery head 9 m
  • Solid particles 25 mm
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Pros and cons
  • One of the best dirty water pumps on the market
  • Very robust and reliable
  • Very high quality
  • Resistant to faecal matter
  • Ideal in most situations
  • Switches on/off automatically
  • Has a reliable float switch
  • Space needed for the float
Product description

The DAB FEKA 600 M-A submersible pump is suitable for draining dirty water that contains solids up to 25 mm. It is an automatic pump with a float switch and can therefore also be used in a permanent setup. For example, this device is highly suitable for draining sump pits, sewage water, and ditch water.

Water level

This pump is fitted with a float switch, which means that it switches on/off automatically based on the water level.

  • Switches on automatically at a water level of 39 cm
  • Switches off automatically at a water level of 19 cm
  • In manual mode (fastening/raising the float), this pump drains water to a level of 5 cm.

If you are looking for a pump that leaves less water/switches on automatically sooner, you can opt for a submersible puddle pump.

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DAB is one of the best-selling brands of water pumps for consumers as well as for professionals. These pumps adhere to a very high standard of quality, with each pump being tested manually by a staff member before it is put on the market. This is the only way DAB can guarantee that you obtain the absolute best. They have a solution regarding almost any situation, whether it involves an industrial application or simply spraying a garden. DAB's professional quality is also reflected in its consumer line. The DAB pumps we replace for people are usually over ten years old.

Float for automatic activation / deactivation

This submersible pump is fitted with a float, which ensures that the pump is switched on and off automatically. Each pump has its own variables relating to the level at which the pump switches on or off. Robust wastewater pumps usually have a high level of activation and deactivation. They will start operating relatively late and stop relatively soon, unlike puddle pumps, which switch on sooner and switch off later. Check the pump's specifications for these variables. There are three types of floats: a floating one, which is attached to a cable; a float arm; and an integrated float. The first type needs more space because it may float in any direction, while the float arm needs less space, as it only moves up and down, and generally has higher operational reliability. Finally, there is the internal float, which is integrated in the pump and therefore needs the least space. We see these internal floats mainly in puddle pumps, because they need to operate in small spaces.

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General information

Product package - DAB Feka 600 M-A
- 90-degree elbow fitting
- Manual
Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 8059893238443

Physical specifications

Delivery diameter 1,25"
Material Motor, rotor shaft, and screws made of stainless steel. Triple sealing in oil bath. Technopolymer pump body.
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 18,9 x 30,3 x 34,9 cm

Technical information

Power consumption 500 Watt
Max. temperature of liquid 35°C


Pump type Submersible pump
Applications Drain a construction site, Drain a septic tank, Drain a sump pit / tank / rain barrel, Drain flooded land
Max. pump capacity 15,000 l/h
Max. delivery head 9 m
Solid particles 25 mm
Automatic on/off switch (float) Yes

Types of water this pump is able to process

Clean water Yes
Rainwater Yes
Groundwater Yes
Slightly dirty water Yes
Canal water Yes
Lake water Yes
River water Yes
Ditchwater Yes
Pond water Yes
Muddy water Yes
Salt water No
Faecal matter / manure pit Yes
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    15,000 l/h
    9 m
    25 mm
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Frequently asked questions

How does a float work and what can I do with it?
A float ensures that your pump switches on and off automatically at a certain water level.
This is very practical if you want to use the pump in frequently flooded spaces, because with a float the pump does not need to be switched on and off each time the space is flooded.
If you want to use the pump manually, the float should be raised or fastened with a piece of rope or tape.

At what water level does the pump switch on/off automatically when the float is used?
This submersible pump switches on automatically at a water level of 390 mm and off at a water level of 190 mm.
To ensure that the entire space does not maintain a water level of 190 mm after the pump automatically switches off, the device is often placed in a sump pit.
This ensures that the pump is situated lower in the space, so that the device continues pumping until a water level of 190 mm has been reached in the sump pit.
In this way, the rest of the space is pumped practically dry, with only some water left in the pit.

In what situations can I use this pump?
This pump is suitable in the following situations:

  • for draining a cellar and/or crawl space;
  • in a permanent setup, for example, to automatically drain a cellar/crawl space once the water level has been reached;
  • for draining a basin
  • for draining a swimming pool
  • for draining a pond or ditch
  • for draining a construction pit and other wastewater sources
  • for draining a manure pit or sewer

What is the difference between the Maxima 18000, the DAB NOVA 300 M-A, and the DAB FEKA 600 M-A?

  • The Maxima 18000 is a starter model for pumping dirty water that can be used in almost any situation involving wastewater. This pump is also available with a higher pump capacity: namely, the Maxima 24000, which can process 24,000 litres per hour.
  • The DAB NOVA 300 M-A is a dirty water pump suitable for processing water that contains slightly smaller solids (up to 10 mm). As a result, this pump can be particularly useful for flooded cellars/crawl spaces that contain just a little more sand or gravel.
  • Of all four models, the DAB FEKA 600 M-A is the most advanced and robust dirty water pump. Owing to its robustness and internal technology, this submersible pump can be used, for example, as a faecal pump in a manure pit or sewer system.

Can this pump be set up in small spaces?
This pump requires a space with a minimum diameter of 19 centimetres. However, if you want the pump to operate automatically, the float arm needs to be able to move freely.
In that case, the pump would require a space measuring 31 centimetres.

Is the pump supplied ready for use?
Yes, this pump is supplied with every component needed for immediate use.

What items does this kit include?

  • DAB FEKA 600 M-A
  • 90-degree elbow fitting
  • Manual