DAB Genix WL 130

Macerator of the highest quality, suitable to be installed inside a wall cavity.

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Expected as of 30-09-2021
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The Genix WL 130 Macerator has been designed for wall hung toilets, and has additional advantages compared to other brands. Furthermore, it offers the option of connecting multiple sanitary appliances.

DAB Genix WL 130
Expected as of 30-09-2021
Specifications overview
  • One 100-mm inlet and three 40-mm inlets
  • Suitable for wall hung toilets
  • Ideal to be installed inside a wall cavity
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Pros and cons
  • Specifically for wall hung toilets
  • Grinds faecal matter and toilet paper
  • Starts automatically when toilet is flushed
  • Supplied as a ready-to-use kit
  • Easy to install
  • Motor can be accessed and maintained from the outside
  • Drains warm wastewater (e.g. washing machine water)
  • Has multiple connections
  • Difficult access to the tank (situated under the motor)
Product description

The Genix WL 130 Macerator was developed purely for use with wall hung toilets. The past few years have seen a considerable surge in concealing toilets by installing them out of sight. This instantly results in smaller spaces as well as less accessible places. It would be a pity if you were not free to hang your toilet where you want. Therefore DAB has developed an odourless, very clean macerator solution for people who want to install a wall hung toilet in a place with no or difficult access to the sewage system.

Simple and user-friendly

The main advantages of the DAB Genix WL 130 Macerator for wall hung toilets include the optional components with which every appliance in the Genix line has been equipped. Of course, this Genix model is also easy to install and can be connected to sanitary appliances after it has been put into place. However, this should always be a toilet, to which several other sanitary appliances can be added, such as a washbasin, a washing machine, a bidet, a shower, and so on. Another great advantage of the Genix versus other macerator brands is its 'white glove maintenance'. The motor compartment is easy to reach from the outside by removing a cover, which provides direct access to its motor parts. Of course, the tank is fitted with an anti-odour filter, non-return valve, screw couplings, and hose clamps.  In fact, it offers everything you need to connect pipes directly to the tank.


The DAB Genix WL 130 Macerator for wall hung toilets may be compact, but includes the following major features:

  • Extra thin to fit inside a wall cavity
  • Should always be connected to a toilet
  • Can handle flush quantities of 6 to 9 litres
  • Odourless and 'white glove maintenance'
  • Supplied with all the required coupling pieces and accessories
  • In addition to the wall hung toilet connection, also has connections for other sanitary appliances
  • Comes in two models: 110 en 130. The 130 model has more capacity and two extra connections

Contents of the kit

  • DAB Genix WL 130 Macerator for wall hung toilets
  • Coupling and connecting pieces
  • Manual
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General information

Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 8059893172914

Physical specifications

Material Synthetic
Weight 10,3 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 45,6 x 17,8 x 32,3 cm (excluding coupling pieces)

Technical information

Power consumption 490 W
Max. temperature of liquid 50 C


Max. delivery head 6 m
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