What is a garden pump?

  • What is a garden pump?
  • What type of garden pump should I buy?

 What is a garden pump?

A garden pump is one that is used to obtain water from a well, a canal, a lake, or a ditch, and provides high pressure to irrigate a garden or plots of land. The device is fitted with impellers that push the water from the pump under a certain pressure. By means of hoses, this water can be pumped to an impeller, an irrigator, or a sprinkler, which in turn irrigate the soil.

A garden pump is self-priming, which means that it draws water from the source and then applies high pressure to use it mainly for irrigation purposes. Scientifically, it is not possible to draw water from a depth greater than eight metres, but it can be drawn from a distance longer than eight metres, provided that this is done horizontally.

What type of garden pump should I buy?

Garden pumps come in many forms, and the simplest model is the one that is installed and then switched on by inserting the plug into the socket.  A more advanced model is the garden pump with a control system, which switches on and off automatically when a water point is opened. These pumps are also protected from running dry, while other models have a Wi-Fi connection and can be set and activated or deactivated through an App.

The final category is the speed-controlled garden pump, which is very energy efficient. If a small amount of water is required, the pump will run proportionally, and it speeds up if more is needed. A garden pump is the easiest way to turn available water into a solution with regard to your situation. Thanks to this pump, for example, you can start using water from a ditch, a canal, or a well.

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