50-metre spiral hose - 32 mm

Sturdy spiral hose, suitable for draining and distributing water.

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50-metre spiral hose - 32 mm
Specifications overview
  • Length: 50 m
  • Inner diameter: 32 mm / 1 ¼"
  • Material: Synthetic
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Pros and cons
  • Strong, robust material
  • Extra-long for draining or distributing water
  • Kink resistant, does not twist
  • Separate hose without couplings
Product description

This 50-metre spiral hose is particularly useful for draining and distributing water, it can be attached to the pump's delivery connection. It can easily be attached to a garden or booster pump using a hose socket and a hose clamp and can even be used with a submersible pump for draining water. Most submersible pumps come with a hose socket or hose coupling to which the hose can be secured with a clamp.

Please refer to 'Accessories' below for the right hose socket and clamp to connect the spiral hose directly.


This 50-metre long spiral hose is 32 mm in diameter. This diameter is ideal for most pumps, such as submersible pumps, garden pumps, booster pumps, or borehole pumps with 1 ¼” inlets and outlets to achieve an optimum result.


This high-quality hose is flexible enough to smoothly work its way around bends, but also rigid to prevent kinking or twisting. This is practical, for example, when a submersible pump needs to pump up water around a bend immediately.


You need a few accessories to connect the hose directly to a pump, for example, a hose socket and a hose clamp. The appropriate hose socket you choose depends on the pump's screw connection, for example, if the pump is fitted with an internal (female) thread, you would opt for a hose socket with an external (male) thread, and vice versa.

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