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Replacing your circulation pump: Is it necessary?

If you are not sure whether to replace your circulation pump,  please read the information in the following sections. You can determine immediately whether the pump needs to be replaced.

  • Heating the water takes too long
  • Your house is not being adequately heated
  • Your central heating boiler is making a noise

The circulation or central heating pump is situated in the boiler, and ensures that the water heated by the boiler is pumped through the entire house. In this way, your house is heated and hot water is readily available. If the circulation pump in the boiler no longer operates efficiently, it may need to be replaced. Read below about three situations in which replacement may be required.

Situation 1: Heating the water takes too long

If you turn on the hot-water tap and it takes a long time before hot water is actually supplied, it may be necessary to replace the circulation pump. The same applies to certain places where the hot-water supply is sluggish because the pump may be worn. For example, hot water in the kitchen might be supplied as soon as the tap is opened, though it takes a long time in the bathroom. This may indicate that your circulation pump no longer works adequately, in which case the pump should be replaced.

Situation 2: Your house is not being adequately heated

If your house is not being well heated, it is definitely a sign that your circulation pump needs to be replaced. The same applies if certain areas in the house do not become warm enough. Once the pump is replaced, hot water from the central heating boiler will once again be distributed throughout the house. This means it will be heated evenly, including the rooms that are currently chilly.

Situation 3: your central heating boiler is making a noise

It may also be necessary to replace your circulation pump if your boiler is making a noise. If you are used to a silent boiler, and now constantly hear a hissing or burbling sound when it is on, the pump may need to be replaced. This is definitely sensible if you do not get hot water and/or the central heater does not work efficiently throughout the house.

If your boiler has always been a little noisy, the pump will not need to be replaced unless the noise has increased. An increasingly louder hissing or burbling sound in the central heating boiler means that the circulation pump needs to work harder, in which case it would be wise to replace it.

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