DAB Evosta 3 40/180 X

Circulation pump of the highest quality with an energy consumption display.

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Specifications overview
  • Overall dimensions 180 mm
  • Screw connection 2"
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DAB Evosta 3 40/180 X
Specifications overview
  • Overall dimensions 180 mm
  • Screw connection 2"
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Pros and cons
  • You can easily replace the old central heating pump yourself; view our video
  • Find your current central heating pump in the replacement table
  • Extremely energy efficient
Product description

The DAB Evosta 3 is a circulation pump suitable for small to medium-sized systems. Like all other DAB circulation pumps, this model is also equipped with an integrated speed controller.

This makes the DAB Evosta 3% to 60% more energy efficient than traditional circulation pumps, thereby saving owners dozens of euros a year.

How is it different from the 'old' DAB Evotron?

The DAB Evosta 3 was marketed in 2018 and has a number of advantages compared to its predecessor, such as:

  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • Plug & play exchange with your old circulation pump because of the easy plug
  • In line with the latest energy standards (EEI-index ≤ 0.19); this means that the pump is even more economical in use than other brands.
  • A handy display that shows the current energy use, among other things.

The speed controller ensures that the DAB Evosta 3 runs only at the RPM speed required to provide the right amount of water and pressure:

  • Taps open: maximum capacity; the pump runs at full speed
  • Taps slightly open: minimum capacity; the pump runs slowly
  • Unique: possibility for off-peak reduction: the pump runs at minimum speed (5 watts).

The DAB Evosta 3 is supplied as standard with an insulation shell to prevent heat from escaping, which may result in energy loss. Operating the DAB Evosta 3 is very easy thanks to two physical buttons. The LEDs on the circulation pump will indicate the rest. This allows you to set the pump to three different operational modes:

  • constant speed (just like a traditional pump)
  • constant pressure
  • proportional pressure

How do you configure the DAB Evosta 3?

The selected setting depends on your personal situation.

  • Only radiators: proportional pressure (bottom option)
  • Underfloor heating or underfloor heating + radiators: constant pressure (second option)
  • No regulation, like old pumps with three settings: constant speed (top option)

At which setting should the pump be configured?

This also depends on your situation, and you need to determine it yourself. You are advised to start with the lowest setting. If it takes too long for your space to heat up, you can change to a higher setting. Please note that the higher the setting, the more energy is used.

Contents of the kit

  • DAB Evosta 3 40/180 X Circulation Pump
  • two gaskets (rubber rings)
  • manual 

Replacing your old circulation pump / central heating pump

Because of its identical size, your old circulation pump can easily be replaced by a new one. Any handyman can do this, because all you need are water pump pliers; view our video. You can easily find your old pump in the replacement table.

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General information

Product package - DAB Evosta 3 40/180 X Circulation Pump
- Two gaskets (rubber rings)
- Manual
Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 8059893168733

Physical specifications

Weight 2,9 kg

Technical information

Power consumption 27 Watt
Max. temperature of liquid -10°C - 110°C


Pump type Circulation pump
Max. pump capacity 2,750 l/h
Max. delivery head 4 metres
  1. DAB Evosta 3 40/180 X with Cable with plug
    DAB Evosta 3 40/180 X Circulation Pump (central heating pump)
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