DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA

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    The perfect submersible puddle pump to drain even the smallest of spaces.

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    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 7,500 l/h
    • Max. delivery head 5 m
    • Solid particles 10 mm
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    DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA
    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 7,500 l/h
    • Max. delivery head 5 m
    • Solid particles 10 mm
    More specifications »
    Pros and cons
    • Ideal puddle pump
    • Excellent quality
    • Drains practically dry (to 1 mm) without the foot strainer
    • Robust technopolymer pump
    • Fitted with an airlock to vent air
    • For small spaces of ca. 16 cm
    • No float switch; does not switch on/off automatically
    Product description

    The DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA is the ultimate submersible puddle pump for clean or slightly dirty water, capable of draining areas to 0-1 mm. It's the only one of its kind capable of draining spaces that dry (see video below). The top outlet allows the motor to cool sufficiently. The pump is not fitted with a float and therefore can be set up conveniently in very small areas of 16cm in diameter or more.

    What makes the DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA unique is that this pump has an air outlet. Once all the air has been released, the pump will start operating at full power. The pump can also be used from 5 mm of water and up, which makes it suitable for practically any situation that involves flooding.

    By removing the strainer, the DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA can also be used as a puddle pump. The strainer can be removed easily, using a screwdriver to disconnect it from the three recesses. The DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA is then placed directly on the surface and can serve as a puddle pump.

    Water level

    This pump is not fitted with a float switch, which means that it does not switch on/off automatically based on the water level.
    If you are looking for a pump that switches on/off automatically, you can opt for a submersible puddle pump with a float switch, such as the DAB Nova Up 300 M-AE.


    • High-quality DAB brand pump
    • The hose that can be used for this model is 1" or 1.25" in diameter
    • A maximum delivery head of 5 metres
    • Drain a space or swimming pool to 0-1 mm of water, leaving it 'mop dry'.

    Contents of the kit

    • DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA Submersible Puddle Pump
    • Hose socket
    • Non-return valve
    • Manual
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    Recommended combinations

    Flow-rate table

    Mop-dry surfaces (puddle pump)

    This pump is capable of draining flat surfaces, but not every submersible pump is a puddle pump. If you are dealing with flooding and want to drain a space 'dry', you will need a puddle pump. Some models can even drain water to a level of 0 to 1 mm. This type of pump is often used for cellars, crawl spaces, or basements, and may be a perfect solution if groundwater rises and floods your house or garden. There are two ways to use a puddle pump. If it is fitted with a float, the pump will be able to drain to a level of about 4 cm. However, only in manual mode is the puddle pump able to 'drain dry', which means you need to switch the pump off yourself when it no longer processes water. This is important because the pump cools itself with the water it pumps. Therefore, to avoid the pump becoming damaged, it must be set to manual mode to drain surfaces 'dry'.


    DAB is one of the best-selling brands of water pumps for consumers as well as for professionals. These pumps adhere to a very high standard of quality, with each pump being tested manually by a staff member before it is put on the market. This is the only way DAB can guarantee that you obtain the absolute best. They have a solution regarding almost any situation, whether it involves an industrial application or simply spraying a garden. DAB's professional quality is also reflected in its consumer line. The DAB pumps we replace for people are usually over ten years old.

    Five-year warranty

    There is no need to feel uncertain about the quality of our product, because it comes with a 5-year warranty, and without additional rules, forms to be completed, or the need for you to register. We are strong advocates of superior quality, and this is the basis on which we have selected our range of products. The quality is higher than most other brands, and we like to make you aware of this. We not only supply essential accessories to extend the pump's lifespan but we also provide a long warranty period. You will feel more confident about your decision to buy, knowing that you do not need to do anything, because the 5-year warranty becomes valid at the moment of purchase.

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    General information

    Product package- DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA
    - Non-return valve
    - Hose socket
    - Manual
    Warranty5 year warranty
    Manufacturer code60160026.

    Physical specifications

    Delivery diameter1,25"
    MaterialTechnopolymer housing
    Weight5,1 kg
    Dimensions (l x w x h)15 x 15 x 25 cm

    Technical information

    Voltage230 Volt
    Power consumption120 Watt
    Max. temperature of liquid35°C
    Cable length10 m


    ApplicationsDrain a cellar / basement, Drain a sump pit / tank / rain barrel, Drain a swimming pool, Pump dry / drain to 0-2 mm
    Max. pump capacity7,500 l/h
    Max. delivery head5 m
    Solid particles10 mm
    Switch levelThis pump does not switch on/off automatically based on the water level (no float switch).
    On manual mode, pumps down to0 - 1 mm
    Automatic on/off switch (float) No

    Types of water this pump is able to process

    Clean water Yes
    Rainwater / Swimming pool water / Groundwater Yes
    Pond water / Ditchwater Yes - as long as the suction grid does not touch the bottom or come in contact with algae or sludge
    Muddy water No
    Salt water No
    Water with faecal matter No
    Manure pit No
    Best alternatives
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      Max. pump capacity
      Max. delivery head
      Solid particles
    2. Current product
        DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA
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        7,500 l/h
        5 m
        10 mm
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        DAB Nova Up 180 M-NA
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