50-metre flat drain hose - 50 mm

    Easy to-roll flat hose for draining water
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    Expected as of 04-03-2024
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    50-metre flat drain hose - 50 mm
    Expected as of 04-03-2024
    Specifications overview
    • Length: 50 m
    • Inner diameter: 50 mm / 2"
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    Product description

    This flat discharge hose is suitable for draining water up to 7 bar. The large inside diameter (50 mm / 2") ensures rapid drainage and reduces the risk of blockage. Once you are finished, the hose can be easily rolled up for compact storage if desired. Ideal, for example, for occasionally draining water.

    Check the matching kit for any required accessories. The hose socket is screwed onto the pump, and then the flat hose is slipped over the tailpiece and secured with the hose clamp. This makes it possible to connect this hose to the following screw connections:

    • 2"

    If you need a hose longer or shorter than 50 metres, we can also supply the following lengths:

    Recommended combinations

    General information

    Warranty2 year warranty
    Manufacturer code99098013467

    Physical specifications

    MaterialPlasticised PVC hose reinforced with polyester yarn
    Weight14,1 kg

    Technical information


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