Grundfos Magna3 40-80 F

All-in-one circulation pump for medium-sized to large buildings / premises.
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Specifications overview
  • Overall dimensions 220 mm
  • Flange dimensions DN 40 PN 10
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Specifications overview
  • Overall dimensions 220 mm
  • Flange dimensions DN 40 PN 10
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Stephen Tip by Stephen
If you are looking for a similar pump, in a lower price range and almost the same quality, then choose the DAB Evoplus B 80/220.40 M

The Grundfos Magna3 40-80 F is a circulation pump from the Grundfos MAGNA3 series. This series of circulation pumps is suitable for the following situations and applications:

  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Cooling
  • Household systems for warm tap water
  • Geothermic heat pump systems
  • Solar heat systems

Because of new technologies, such as the FLOWLIMIT and FLOWADAPT in combination with the AUTOADAPT, this circulation pump is a lot more energy-efficient compared to Grundfos's older models. Additionally, this circulation pump can be easily integrated into building management systems.

Built-in energy monitor
The built-in energy monitor helps prevent high electricity bills as a result of an imbalance in the system. This is because this monitor checks the distribution and usage of heat energy in the system, with an accuracy of ± 1-10% (depending on the setting). This makes it unnecessary to install a separate energy monitor in the system

Pump configuration / status
The MAGNA3 has a TFT screen to control all aspects of the pump and which also shows the pump's performance. This pump also has a 'Grundfos eye' that shows the current status of the pump (in operation/in error)

General information

Warranty 2 year warranty
SKU 5710626493432

Physical specifications

Weight 18,7 kg

Technical information

Max. temperature of liquid -10°C - 110°C


Pump type Circulation pump
Max. pump capacity 21,000 litres per hour
Max. delivery head 8,2 metres
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    Grundfos Magna3 40-80 F Circulation Pump (central heating pump)
    Grundfos Magna3 40-80 F
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Grundfos Magna3 40-120 F 25,000 l/h 12 metres 1499
Grundfos Magna3 40-80 F 21,000 litres per hour 8,2 metres 1299
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