Quick coupling 1 ½" male thread

Can be connected to a 1 ½" female thread connection

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Quick coupling 1 ½" male thread
Specifications overview
  • Material: Brass
  • Size 1: 1" male thread
  • Universal: Fits on any size quick coupling
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Pros and cons
  • Very handy for quickly connecting or disconnecting
  • Strong connection
Product description

The quick coupling is ideal for connecting or disconnecting a pump quickly and safely, and in many cases it is handy if you need to move the pump often. Without the weight of a connected hose, this can be done much more easily.

For quick coupling, you need two components: one coupling piece on the pump and one to use on the hose (with a hose socket). Always begin by selecting the correct size for your hose. The hose socket should be pushed into the hose, and the size depends on the inner diameter. The next step is to select the corresponding pump coupling. Depending on your pump, you may need a female or male thread to screw the coupling directly onto it.

Quick couplings, also known as GEKA / GK couplings, are handy accessories to connect components to each other: for example, a hose to a hose, a hose to a pump, or to connect a different accessory.

Quick couplings are universal and all have the same distance between the claws. This means, for example, that a quick coupling with a 1" screw size can be connected to one with a 1 ¼" screw size.

Please note: Because of the possibility of air leaking, we advise not using quick couplings on the suction side of a water pump.

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