1.2-metre floating suction set - 1"

Draw in water just below the water surface. Ideal to use, for example, for a well.

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1.2-metre floating suction set - 1"
Specifications overview
  • Length: 1.2 m
  • Inner diameter: 25 mm / 1"
  • Material: Synthetic hose and float ball, with brass couplings
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Product description

This suction hose is suitable for drawing in water in combination with a self-priming pump such as a garden pump or a booster pump, or an submerged booster pump such as the DAB Divertron X and the DAB Pulsar Dry. It is fitted with coupling pieces on both sides, allowing you to connect it to the pump easily in order to start using it immediately.

The suction set is equipped with a float ball that stays afloat on the water surface and ensures that the suction strainer is always situated about 15 cm under the water surface. In this way, the suction strainer will touch neither the bottom nor the surface. Some water sources, such as a ditch or small lake, may have dirt on the bottom or floating on the surface. This floating suction set allows you to draw in clean water from these sources as well.

  • The suction hose is fitted with multiple coupling pieces that allow you to connect it to any pump with a 1" (both a female and a male thread) suction connection.
  • The suction strainer stops large solid particles from being drawn in.
  • The suction strainer is fitted with a non-return valve, which stops the drawn-in water from running back into the water source.

If you are looking for a hose that is longer than 1.2 metres,
you can extend it with the universal 7m hose. They can be directly connected to each other.

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