50-metre Tricoflex garden hose - 25 mm

Sturdy, kink-resistant garden hose with a wide inner diameter

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50-metre Tricoflex garden hose - 25 mm
Specifications overview
  • Length: 50 m
  • Inner diameter: 25 mm / 1"
  • Premium quality
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Pros and cons
  • Kink resistant, does not twist
  • Reinforced with PVC wall
  • Perfect for irrigation
  • Without couplings, cannot be mounted directly (see kits)
Product description

The Tricoflex hose for garden irrigation is 25 mm in diameter, which is ideal for the optimal performance of a garden pump, a booster pump, or a borehole pump. All narrower hoses will curb the pump's performance and reduce its flow rate. This hose is easily attached to the pump with a hose socket and a hose clamp, which can be found under accessories below, and can be included in your order.


Because this high-quality garden hose has a thicker wall, it will not kink like standard hoses may do. The hose wall is made up of three layers, including one of PVC.


You need a few accessories to connect the hose directly to a pump, for example, a hose socket and a hose clamp. The appropriate hose socket you choose depends on the pump's screw connection, for example, if the pump is fitted with an internal (female) thread, you would opt for a hose socket with an external (male) thread and vice versa.

Please also refer to our PROMO kits: these kits can be connected directly to your garden pump, booster pump or borehole pump. In this way, we make it easy for you to get started in your garden immediately.

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