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Einhell GC-SP 3580 LL

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Types of water this pump can handle

Flow-rate table
Delivery diameter: 1 ½''
  • 7 metre(s) Pump capacity start 800 liters per hour
  • 6 metre(s) Pump capacity start 1,700 liters per hour
  • 5 metre(s) Pump capacity start 3,000 liters per hour
  • 4 metre(s) Pump capacity start 3,800 liters per hour
  • 3 metre(s) Pump capacity start 5,000 liters per hour
  • 2 metre(s) Pump capacity start 5,900 liters per hour
  • 1 metre(s) Pump capacity start 7,000 liters per hour
  • 0 metre(s) Pump capacity start 8,000 liters per hour
  • Pomp type

Float for automatic activation / deactivation

This submersible pump is fitted with a float, which ensures that the pump is switched on and off automatically. Each pump has its own variables relating to the level at which the pump switches on or off. Robust wastewater pumps usually have a high level of activation and deactivation. They will start operating relatively late and stop relatively soon, unlike puddle pumps, which switch on sooner and switch off later. Check the pump's specifications for these variables. There are three types of floats: a floating one, which is attached to a cable; a float arm; and an integrated float. The first type needs more space because it may float in any direction, while the float arm needs less space, as it only moves up and down, and generally has higher operational reliability. Finally, there is the internal float, which is integrated in the pump and therefore needs the least space. We see these internal floats mainly in puddle pumps, because they need to operate in small spaces.

Mop-dry surfaces (puddle pump)

This pump is capable of draining flat surfaces, but not every submersible pump is a puddle pump. If you are dealing with flooding and want to drain a space 'dry', you will need a puddle pump. Some models can even drain water to a level of 0 to 1 mm. This type of pump is often used for cellars, crawl spaces, or basements, and may be a perfect solution if groundwater rises and floods your house or garden. There are two ways to use a puddle pump. If it is fitted with a float, the pump will be able to drain to a level of about 4 cm. However, only in manual mode is the puddle pump able to 'drain dry', which means you need to switch the pump off yourself when it no longer processes water. This is important because the pump cools itself with the water it pumps. Therefore, to avoid the pump becoming damaged, it must be set to manual mode to drain surfaces 'dry'.

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