DAB Nova 600 M-A

    Ideal for supplying and draining vast amounts of water.
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    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 16,200 l/h
    • Max. delivery head 10,2 m
    • Solid particles 10 mm
    More specifications »
    DAB Nova 600 M-A
    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 16,200 l/h
    • Max. delivery head 10,2 m
    • Solid particles 10 mm
    More specifications »
    Pros and cons
    • Small size
    • Very high flow rate
    • Switches on/off automatically
    • Has a reliable float switch
    • Space needed for the float
    Product description

    The DAB Nova 600 M-A Submersible Pump is highly suitable for supplying water directly from a reservoir or tank. You can get started instantly with the hose included in the kit. It allows you to pump water easily from the source, which is handy for the water supply to your greenhouse or vegetable garden. Thanks to the pump's higher capacity, it is more convenient than other – smaller − submersible pumps.

    This model is suitable for processing clean and cloudy water, with a maximum passage of solids up to 10 mm. Extremely handy to use in and around the house. Draining flooded basements or rooms/cellars, for example, can be done perfectly with these pumps. In addition, owing to their ease of use, these submersible pumps can also be put to work in acute situations involving flooding, or for draining water from swimming pools, fountains, or reservoirs.

    Water level

    This pump is fitted with a float switch, which means that it switches on/off automatically based on the water level.

    • Switches on automatically at a water level of 28.5 cm
    • Switches off automatically at water level of 8.5 cm
    • In manual mode (fastening/raising the float), this pump drains water to a level of 5 cm.

    If you are looking for a pump that leaves less water/switches on automatically sooner, you can opt for a submersible puddle pump.

    Recommended combinations

    General information

    Product package- DAB NOVA 600 M-A
    - 90-degree elbow fitting
    - Manual
    Warranty2 year warranty
    Manufacturer code60198261H

    Physical specifications

    Delivery diameter1,25"
    MaterialPump housing, impeller, headpiece and pump grid of plastic (technopolymer). Motor, rotor and screws of stainless steel. Triple seal in oil bath.
    Weight7 kg
    Dimensions (l x w x h)18,9 x 30,3 x 33,4 cm

    Technical information

    Input power (W)660 Watt
    Input power (hp)0,9 hp
    Max. temperature of liquidfrom 0°C to 35°C for domestic use – a temperature of 45°C for short-term use.
    Cable length5 m
    Cable typeH05RN-F


    Max. pump capacity16,200 l/h
    Max. delivery head10,2 m
    Solid particles10 mm

    Types of water this pump is able to process

    Clean water Yes
    Rainwater / Swimming pool water / Groundwater Yes
    Pond water / Ditchwater Yes - as long as the suction grid does not touch the bottom or come in contact with algae or sludge
    Muddy water No
    Salt water No
    Water with faecal matter No
    Manure pit No
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        DAB Nova 600 M-A
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        Regular Price £249.00 Discount Price £229.00
        Max. pump capacity
        16,200 l/h
        Max. delivery head
        10,2 m
        Solid particles
        10 mm
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