Tallas D-JET 850

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Good-quality synthetic pump, suitable for one or two sprinklers.

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Specifications overview
  • Max. pump capacity 3,180 l/h
  • Max. delivery head 43 m / Pressure 4.3 bar
  • Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time: 2
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Tallas D-JET 850
Specifications overview
  • Max. pump capacity 3,180 l/h
  • Max. delivery head 43 m / Pressure 4.3 bar
  • Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time: 2
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Pros and cons
  • Resistant to limescale and rust
  • Handy, lightweight/easy to move
  • Built-in water filter
  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet
  • No dry-running protection or automatic switch-on/off mode; option in combination with an Electric Control System
  • Cannot run continuously, no more 3 hours
Product description

The Tallas D-JET 850 Garden Pump is handy for around the house and garden, particularly for irrigation. This pump can control one or two sprinklers at a time, but filling ponds and swimming pools is another option. The pump is fitted with an integrated non-return valve and a pre-filter, which ensures that solid particles in the drawn water are kept outside the pump body. The pre-filter can be opened easily and cleaned with the supplied multitool.


  • Provides sufficient pressure and capacity for one or two sprinklers
  • The hose that can be used for this pump has a diameter of 1" for the delivery connection and 1" for the suction connection.
  • Draws water from a maximum depth of eight metres
  • The maximum delivery head is 43 metres, which equals a 4.3 bar output

Contents of the kit:

  • Tallas D-JET 850 with an integrated non-return valve and a pre-filter
  • Manual
  • Cable connection (1.5 metres)
  • Rubber anti-vibration feet
  • Multitool for, among other things, opening the pre-filter
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Recommended combinations

Flow-rate table
    • 43 metres
    • 40 metres
    • 100 l/h
    • 35 metres
    • 600 l/h
    • 30 metres
    • 1,100 l/h
    • 25 metres
    • 1,750 l/h
    • 20 metres
    • 2,250 l/h
    • 15 metres
    • 2,700 l/h
    • 10 metres
    • 2,850 l/h
    • 5 metres
    • 3,050 l/h
    • 0 metres
    • 3,180 l/h


The Tallas brand has been around for many years, and has always focused on the consumer market. They have come up with some handy solutions, in particular for garden irrigation and ditchwater or rainwater use. Tallas is part of DAB, and therefore its pumps meet the same high standards, although lighter materials are often used, which makes a slight difference in quality. Tallas is particularly good at providing simple solutions, with which they equip their pumps as standard, and are ideal for many consumers. For example, a built-in pre-filter that protects the pump because it stops dirt from entering it, but also light garden pumps that are fitted with a handle and footrest. This makes them easy to move and immediately available for small irrigation jobs.

Water filter

Many of our garden and booster pumps are supplied with a water filter, or one is integrated in the pump. In many cases, water is drawn from a ditch, a canal, or a local source. However, even if the water looks clean it may still contain dirt particles. Garden and booster pumps do not handle dirt particles very well, as a result of which the impeller may seize and stall. Using the water filter will stop any dirt from entering the pump.

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General information

Product package- Tallas D-JET 850 with integrated non-return valve and pre-filter
- Rubber anti-vibration feet
- Multitool for opening the pre-filter etc.
- Manual
Warranty2 year warranty
Manufacturer code60171830.

Physical specifications

Suction diameter1"
Delivery diameter1"
Weight9,1 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h)50 x 23 x 31 cm

Technical information

Voltage230 Volt
Power consumption850 Watt
Noise level67 - 87 dB
Max. temperature of liquid0°C - + 35°C
Cable length1,5 m
Cable typeH07RN-F


ApplicationsGarden irrigation
Max. pump capacity3,180 l/h
Max. delivery head43 m / Pressure 4.3 bar
Max. suction depth8 m
Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same timeMax. 2 Pieces
Suitable for prolonged use (> 3 hours) No
Automatic on/off switch No
Dry run protection No
Inverter No
Filter Yes

Types of water this pump is able to process

Clean water Yes
Rainwater / Swimming pool water / Groundwater Yes
Pond water / Ditchwater Yes
Muddy water No
Salt water No
Water with faecal matter No
Manure pit No
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  1. Price
    Max. pump capacity
    Max. delivery head
    Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time
  2. Current product
    Tallas D-JET 850
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    3,180 l/h
    43 m / Pressure 4.3 bar
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