DAB Divertron X 1200 M

    Strongest in the series. Automatic and including dry-running protection.

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    Expected as of 06-07-2022
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    DAB Divertron X 1200 M
    Expected as of 06-07-2022
    Specifications overview
    • Max. pump capacity 5,700 l/h
    • Max. delivery head 48 m / Pressure 4.8 bar
    • Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time: 5+
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    Pros and cons
    • Can run continuously
    • Very robust borehole pump
    • High operational reliability
    • Ideal for ditch / river water use inside the home and/or for irrigation
    • Including built-in dry-running protection and automatic switch-on/off mode
    Product description

    The DAB Kit Divertron X 1200 M is an underwater booster pump made of synthetic and stainless steel materials, suitable for irrigating gardens and supplying domestic water. This pump is fitted with a built-in pressure switch, so that it switches on and off automatically depending on water requirement. It is ideal if you have a water source in which this pump can be set up for supplying your home and garden automatically with water.

    Something unique about this underwater booster pump is that it is fitted with a separate suction connection, which is easily attached to the provided suction set, which consists of a suction hose and a connected float ball. The float ball ensures that the suction hose draws in water from a few centimetres under the water surface, which is the cleanest water that can be obtained from any source. This allows you to use the pump in slightly dirty water, with sand or dirt floating on the surface. This borehole pump operates quietly and is also equipped with built-in dry-running protection. This means that the pump automatically switches off if it is no longer able to process the water: for example, if the water source has run dry. This feature protects your pump against damage due to running dry.


    • Pump is set up in the water and therefore quiet
    • Provides sufficient pressure and capacity for about five sprinklers
    • The hose that can be used for this pump has a diameter of 1" for the delivery connection and 1" for the suction connection.
    • The maximum delivery head is 48 metres, which equals 4.8 bar output

    Contents of the kit

    • DAB Divertron X 1200 M
    • Multifunctional connecting piece (hose socket)
    • Manual
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    Recommended combinations

    Flow-rate table
      • 47 metres
      • 45 metres
      • 600 l/h
      • 40 metres
      • 1,600 l/h
      • 35 metres
      • 2,300 l/h
      • 30 metres
      • 3,050 l/h
      • 25 metres
      • 3,600 l/h
      • 20 metres
      • 4,100 l/h
      • 15 metres
      • 4,600 l/h
      • 10 metres
      • 5,000 l/h
      • 5 metres
      • 5,350 l/h
      • 0 metres
      • 5,700 l/h


    DAB is one of the best-selling brands of water pumps for consumers as well as for professionals. These pumps adhere to a very high standard of quality, with each pump being tested manually by a staff member before it is put on the market. This is the only way DAB can guarantee that you obtain the absolute best. They have a solution regarding almost any situation, whether it involves an industrial application or simply spraying a garden. DAB's professional quality is also reflected in its consumer line. The DAB pumps we replace for people are usually over ten years old.

    Five-year warranty

    There is no need to feel uncertain about the quality of our product, because it comes with a 5-year warranty, and without additional rules, forms to be completed, or the need for you to register. We are strong advocates of superior quality, and this is the basis on which we have selected our range of products. The quality is higher than most other brands, and we like to make you aware of this. We not only supply essential accessories to extend the pump's lifespan but we also provide a long warranty period. You will feel more confident about your decision to buy, knowing that you do not need to do anything, because the 5-year warranty becomes valid at the moment of purchase.

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    General information

    Warranty5 year warranty
    Manufacturer code60122627

    Physical specifications

    Suction diameter1”
    Delivery diameter1”
    MaterialTechnopolymer and Stainless Steel
    Weight11 kg
    Dimensions (l x w x h)15 x 15 x 48 cm

    Technical information

    Voltage230 Volt
    Power consumption750 Watt
    Max. temperature of liquid0°C – 35°C


    Max. pump capacity5,700 l/h
    Max. delivery head48 m / Pressure 4.8 bar
    Number of sprinklers / water points used at the same time5+ Piece
    Suitable for prolonged use (> 3 hours) Yes
    Dry run protection No
    Inverter No
    Filter No

    Types of water this pump is able to process

    Clean water Yes
    Rainwater / Swimming pool water / Groundwater Yes
    Pond water / Ditchwater Yes - as long as the suction grid does not touch the bottom or come in contact with algae or sludge
    Muddy water No
    Salt water No
    Water with faecal matter No
    Manure pit No
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